Firstly, here are some notes about the family tree of descendants of Cornelius and Ann O'Loughlin. This tree was complete at the time of publication of "Anchor Under the Southern Cross" in 1997, and has become somewhat out of date since then, however some known additions and amendments have been made.
This tree is presented in order of the 12 children of Cornelius and Ann.

Full dates of birth are not shown for living descendants as a measure of identity theft protection. Instead, just the year of birth is shown. Both dates of birth and death are shown for those deceased.

Every effort has been made to ensure accurate particulars of the Cornelius and Ann O'Loughlin genealogy. Importance has been placed on the correct spelling of names, inclusion of second names and accuracy of birth and death dates. Deceased family members names are marked with a "+" preceeding the name. Marriages recognised by law have been denoted with the letter "m" preceeding the spouse's name. Unmarried long term partners (Ptnr) are included in the genealogy, particularly in deference to children. Children adopted or fostered long-term are of course family.

If there are errors and omissions in this tree please accept apology. If anyone feels any offence with the recording of this genealogical tree, for any reason, please be assured it is not intentional.
If you can assist in providing any updates to your section of the tree, I will be most grateful because in addition to inclusion on this website it will be recorded in a master tree file in which all dates and full names are recorded. Please ensure to email me your information showing full names, correct spelling, date of birth and any death dates where applicable and indicate which part of the tree the entries should be made. 

The family tree of Cornelius and Ann is presently shown in spreadsheet form with the extension xls.
If you do not have Microsoft Office, there are 2 excellent free programs which can read, write xls and doc files etc.
        They are downloadable as follows :-

(Both programs are available for Windows or Mac)

Here is the link to:- Cornelius and Ann O'Loughlin Family Tree